• Игорь и Илона: Спасибо, "Паллеонн", за подготовку к IELTS General для иммиграции в Канаду - результативно, профессионально, быстро.

  • Елена: "Паллеонн" подготовил меня к IELTS Academic для обучения в Голландии за 3 месяца. Спасибо за профессионализм!

  • Юлия: Мы с дочерью уже больше года живем в Канаде. Мы осуществили свою мечту благодаря "Паллеонн"

We are very pleased to receive positive feedback about our services from the client in Philippines, who is assisted in immigration process by one of our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants Ms. Olena Palatnik.

On time of service
     Time is not a hassle; available anytime for their service.
     Not met her yet in person but lovely lawyer how she treat client is SUPERB.
Excellent Lawyer
     Ideas in processing papers is not easy but with the nurture knowledge of Ma’am Olena I done it great.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDABLE consultant with there assistance a excellent service; ready to help, instant response and very reliable.
   OLENA….such a blessing giving your time and help. What can I say is Thank You for being kind hearted.
Palleon Consulting Centre give us chances to build up our future in Canada. 
Frances Jonna Munoz
дуже тобі дякую☺