Immigration to Morden, Manitoba – interview with local Canadians about immigrants

As long as we get a lot of questions, related to the values and principles of life in Canada, we are honored to present you an interview with local Canadian settlement professionals who answered your questions about life in Morden, Manitoba.

  • What is local’s attitude to immigrants?

Most locals are very friendly and polite to Newcomers and Visitors. They express a genuine interest in people from other countries. People offer assistance and express a willingness to answer questions. There may be the rare occurrence of someone who mistakenly blames immigrants for some of Canada’s problems. Most people would be too polite to mention it.

  • Do Canadians make friends with immigrants easily?

Making new friends in Morden does seem to take some time for anyone who is new here regardless of whether they are Canadians or from other countries. Relationships often need time to develop naturally. New friends are often found through children’s connections, at work, at church, and at community events.

  • Are there exampled of friendship between immigrants from different countries with different origin languages? 

There are examples of people from other countries becoming friends. It is common and understandable however, that people from the same countries are drawn to each other for support and common language when they arrive.  Some see it as a way to help to preserve their language and culture. Some also work very hard to make connections with the locals. Morden has become a very multicultural community and it provides an opportunity to learn about each other’s culture.

  • Those who immigrated already use to say that they try to make friends with local people, invite to their house, yet Canadians very rarely invite back. Why so?

It may be that some people already have busy lives with family and friends in the area. Some people are nervous about speaking with people who don’t speak English easily in case it makes them uncomfortable if they don’t understand each other. Other than that it may take a bit longer than newcomers expect.

  • Is there any nationality-streamed bulling at schools? How to avoid it if so?

Bullying can happen anywhere. Children are in the process of learning social skills and make mistakes. Morden schools have goals and run programs to help children with this. Nationality streamed issues are not more common than any other differences. It is very helpful to teach children how to respond to bullying if it occurs. Parents are encouraged to inform teachers if they hear about bullying so that home and school can work together to deal with and prevent it.

  • What are most important values and principles to know and have for immigrants planning to live in Morden?

Mutual trust and respect go a long way to making everyone comfortable, no matter where they come from. Having a positive outlook about a new community and avoiding too many comparisons helps to forge good relationships.

  • When starting living at a new place in Morden, is it normal to knock neighbours’ doors to introduce yourself and make friends, inviting neighbours or no?

Yes that is appreciated and welcomed. But of course being sensitive to individual reactions is always a good idea. Some people are a bit more reserved and may need time to get comfortable with new people.

  • If someone plans to organize a loud party at home in Morden, should he ask neighbours’ permission for noise aspect? What is default loud time in the area?

It isn’t required but it can help. How about inviting the neighbours to join in sometimes?  11 PM seems to be considered a time for quiet. Sundays are also considered a time for more quiet.

  • How many immigrants arrive each year? What are the main countries of their origin?

More than 50 families have been arriving each year through various programs. The range of countries is growing annually. Although initially many Newcomers arrived from Eastern European countries people are now also arriving from Asia, South America, and Middle Eastern countries.

  • What hobbies Canadians in Morden have? If they travel, then where?

Morden residents are interested in summer and winter sports, outdoor activities like fishing, camping, travel to parks nearby and to other Canadian provinces, winter escapes to warm places , and world travel. Hockey is popular of course. Morden also has an active arts community.

  • What out-of-school activities are offered to children by the schools?

Most school activities take place during the school day with a few after school sports and music/theatre activities. The City of Morden Recreation Programming includes a wide range of activities for after school and evenings for children and adults. They have expanded summer activities that help parents to keep children happily involved during vacation time.

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