How to immigrate to Canada? Questions and answers

What should you provide for primary evaluation of chances on immigration to Canada?

First you need to fill in the form of chances evaluation on immigration to Canada.

The evaluation of chances consists of:

  • Evaluation of chances on Federal Skilled Worker Class program.
  • Evaluation of chances on family reunion programs, business programs, student transfers and others.
  • Evaluation of chances on all provincial programs, which may be suitable for you.
  • Selection of principal applicant.
  • English or French testing for determination of needed duration and intensity of preparation for appropriate language test results’ achievement.
  • Answers to all questions regarding transfer to Canada.

This consultation is provided in the form of information package, which describes all your individual options on all programs of immigration to Canada. After primary evaluation of chances we set date and time for telephone or personal consultation.

Evaluation of chances on immigration to Canada includes and is not limited to questionnaire survey and language testing, which is hold by Palleonn Operators. Further evaluation of your test results is conducted by Senior Language Preparation Methodist who provides detailed analysis of your language level in frames of required level for immigration, education or other purposes of going abroad.

Comprehensive analysis of your opportunities for immigration and obtainment of various types of visas, as well as programs selection, identification of strengths and weaknesses of your immigration case, provision of personal recommendations is personally conducted by Palleonn Center’ Director, who is a Leading Specialist in the field of immigration law and visa legislation.

In some cases, Immigration Managers may hold consultations under total personal control of the Center’s Director.

If a candidate has previous refusals, deportations, criminal records, violation of any country legislation, difficult situations (for example, presence of the reasons for obtainment refugee status or problematic relatives, etc.), Palleonn Center evaluate immigration chances of such persons in cooperation with carefully selected Immigration Lawyers and Consultants in Canada, who have narrow program and problem-oriented specialization. All specialists are permanent participants of the Immigration Education Alliance of Canada, Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants and play an active role in research and teaching activities at the State Universities of Canada as part of preparation of young immigration consultants. Such collaborative work allows us always analyze and use constant changes of Canadian Immigration Legislation in time. Besides, Palleonn Center is actively involved in anti-fraud policy in cooperation with professional consultants in this area, which allows us to successfully eliminate criminal schemes in immigration field, suppress scampers and fraud consultants in immigration and visa support area in both former countries of USSR and Canada.

As all professional immigration consultants, Palleonn Center is guided by the Code of Professional Ethics for Canadian Immigration Consultants, developed by Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council.

What documents are necessary for application and consideration for immigration?

Candidate should provide the following documents:

  1. Resume (if applicant has family, resume of spouse is required as well)
  2. Application form
  3. Copy of national passport (all informative pages)
  4. Copy of international passport (valid for at least two years)
  5. 8 passport-sized photographs (3,5×4,5)
  6. Certificate of English or French language proficiency (more detailed information about this certificates can be found here)
  7. Copy of work record book
  8. Copy of educational documents (school certificate with transcript, certificates from higher educational institutions with transcripts, as well as vocational degree certificates and others)
  9. Reference letters from all employers
  10. Marriage certificate (divorce certificate)
  11. Birth certificates for all children
  12. Copy of identification code
  13. Copy of military card (if any)
  14. Copy of driving license (if any)
  15. Birth certificate
  16. Medical report on the state of health, including information about HIV and tuberculosis
  17. Police certificate (for the absence of a conviction)
  18. Other documents (may be defined upon primary document package examination).

How long does the immigration process take?

Immigration process takes from 9 to 24 months from submission date case.

Is it possible to immigrate without knowledge of English or with knowledge at elementary level?

English or French knowledge is fundamental aspect of candidate’s successful immigration and further employment. Lack of language knowledge means refusal to obtain immigration status. For potential immigrant it is important realize that without ability to understand and communicate in country’s official language, he will not be able to find work. Canadian authorities should be fully confident in your candidacy, that you can quickly and effectively adapt to new conditions. Click here for more information or call us at +38-48 735 37 40 for registration for intensive foreign language preparation course for immigration to Canada.

Can I immigrate if I have deportations, refusals or border notes?

This question is very individual and everything depends on reasons for deportation, refusal or note. This category is included in high-risk group of refusal obtainment. However, in some cases, obtainment of immigration status is possible even if previously candidate had refusals. For getting more specific information contact specialists of Palleonn Center, describe your situation and we will do our best to assist you.

How is it better to leave – immediately with the whole family or by myself firstly?

Practical experience has shown that most frequently the principal applicant (e.g. husband) relocates independently and organizes living conditions, then a month later remaining family members (wife, children) move to live abroad. We want to pay your attention that in such case application for immigration should be filled for the whole family at once.

What opportunities are there for employment after moving to Canada?

Our Canadian Representative Office will help you to find work in Canada. We send your details to Canada for searching and selecting place of employment in such way that by the moment of arrival in Canada you have potential job vacancies and can go to interviews with employers. Employment after arrival in Canada usually takes from 30 to 90 days.

What specialties are needed for professional immigration to Canada under Federal Skilled Worker Class Program?

Since 1 January 2015 Federal Skilled Worker Class Program takes into consideration specialists of all professions with NOC Skill level 0, A, B. To get detailed information about changes in laws please contact Palleonn Center’s Specialists.

I do not know how to fill in application form and (or) resume.

Please contact consultants of Palleonn Center to obtain samples of application form and/or resume. Our e-mail: Skype: Palleonn.

How long should a candidate live in Canada to acquire citizenship?

For acquiring Canadian citizenship it is required to live in Canada for 4 years out of 6 years. Though this law may soon change to the previous version, namely – 3 out of 5 years condition.

Is there a limit of number of entries and exits from/to Canada after becoming a permanent resident of Canada?

No. There are no limitations.

Should I have to work only for one particular employer after arrival to Canada?

No. It is your right to choose work according to your desire, cancel employment contracts, find new job, move from one city or province to another.

I have relatives in Canada. How can this fact affect my immigration chances?

This fact has is critical positive effect for decision on your immigration case, if it is federal immigration. Canadian authorities believe that presence of relatives in Canada can help you to adapt in country much faster and efficiently. To get points it is necessary to have direct blood relative. This could lead to obtainment of additional 5 points.

I have studied and (or) lived in Canada for more than 1 year. How these could affect my immigration chances?

Persons, who have studied or worked in Canada for more than 1 year, have an advantage in terms of additional points in the variety of Canadian immigration programs.

How can I contact Palleonn clients who already live and work in Canada?

Please refer to our Center to obtain contact details of our clients who already live and work in Canada or who recently received immigration visa and gave official consent to release this information.

I am afraid I do not have sufficient time to learn English at an acceptable level and fail IELTS test.

The average time it takes to prepare and pass IELTS is from 3 to 6 months. You need to consider this when planning your submission date, you cannot apply for immigration to Canada without IELTS certificate.

What happens if I do not have required results of IELTS or TEF exams?

Even if your do not have enough points, you always have an opportunity to re-register and re- take this exam. You can pass exams unlimited times. Our Center will gladly assist you in preparing for exams. You can read feedbacks from our students here.

How much does property in Canada cost?

The cost of property in Canada depends on province and city, which you plan to live in. Rent costs are presented below:
one-bedroom furnished apartment with all amenities – from 700 CAD
two-bedroom furnished apartment with all amenities – from 900 CAD
Purchase price of three-bedroom flat/house is from 200.000 CAD, depending on size of livin space, city, region, etc.

How soon will I find work after arrival to Canada?

Your employment in Canada is joint efforts of you and Palleonn specialists. On average, process of employment in Canada takes from 1 to 3 months, depending on your qualification, confidence in successful employment, language knowledge, etc. It should be noted that for each candidate who comes to Canada for permanent residence, first place of employment in Canada plays an important role, as first work experience is the key to your successful career in future. If you have special job requirements or wishes, we will select employers for you until you find those worth your attention.

Is my education recognized in Canada?

Yes, our education has weight in Canada. Firstly, during evaluation of chances you receive points for your education and for this factor you can achieve maximum 25 points score. Secondly, potential employers pay attention not only to your work experience, but also to obtained diplomas. It is important to understand that higher education does not preclude necessity in requalification or obtainment of additional knowledge in Canada.

How long is the whole immigration process?

According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada information ( 28.asp) your candidature should be considered in a period from 6 to 12 months. In fact, consideration of your document package and visa obtainment takes about 10-12 months from submission date.

How is it better to go abroad – with the whole family or independently?

You are entitled to travel either with all family members or alone. Family of 4 (husband, wife and 2 children) where husband is the principal applicant may move as follows:
– movement of the whole family;
– principal applicant relocates alone, spouse and children – later, when principal applicant finds work and is ready to welcome all family members;
– children stay in Ukraine, husband and wife move and they can take children at any time while immigration visas are valid.

Can our children enter school or university in Canada?

Yes. There are multicultural kindergartens for small children, where they are taught in their native languages and study English for subsequent admission to school. If a child is already going to school, in Canadian school it is better to start education in a lower class. Secondary school education in Canada is free. Higher education is paid. Please note: the better your child learns English in his/her home country, the faster and easier he/she adapts in Canada.

What is the cost of your services?

Cost of services is determined individually and depends on the number of family members, processing complexity and the range of services that you order. Below is the list of the main services offered by Palleonn Center:

  • Document checklist consultations and preparation services.
  • Translation of documents in accordance with Immigration Law requirements.
  • Consulting no filling in all necessary application forms for principal applicant and other family members for submission to the selected program.
  • Sending of documents’ package for processing to relevant authorities in Canada.
  • Preparation for interview in the Embassy of Canada.
  • Analyzing of Canadian labor market for potential employment of principal applicant and members of family.
  • Selection of educational institution for children.
  • Preparation for English or French certified exams, required for any immigration program.
  • Registration on medical examination.
  • Other services upon request