Higher education abroad and learning of foreign languages

Anyone, who had ever planned education abroad for himself or his/her children faced with a huge number of choice opportunities, from countries and educational institutions to companies that serve the future student to pass the way to enter and study at foreign educational institution.

Upon reading this article you will have no doubt on making the right decision on choosing Palleonn center as your support and consulting professional in education abroad world.

Palleonn differs radically from other centers. First of all, we respect our clients and we are constantly in contact with you 24/7/365. The key priority for us is the client. Each our client is unique and we pay maximum of attention to everyone from the beginning of our cooperation and through every following step. For us you are the focus of attention and indicator of our professionalism. Everything is simple and honest, if something is good for you, it is good for us.

Almost all companies in this segment will tell you: “There are no guaranties. There are a lot of refusals” and they do not perform the data analysis and do not estimate your chances of obtaining student visa. As for us, yes, we will answer that there are a lot of risks, refusals and no guaranties, but at the same time it is always possible to forecast the possibility of any failure and to do everything to avoid it. For this you just need to spend more time getting deeper into each applicant’s circumstances. Incorrect, inattentive and not careful forecast and data analysis of your opportunities to enter university and to obtain student visa is a major potential failure. For such purposes there is a preliminary assessment of chances to enter university or college and studying abroad, in which all pros and cons are estimated from the point of visa officer’s view. Everything is important: relations with other countries, age, grades in previous educational institutions, achievements, hobbies and passions, ability for adaptation in new place, place of work,  relationship with motherland (especially now), motivation, availability of funds for education, health, answers to questions in application forms, appearance and so on…this list is endless. As a result, at the very beginning of our cooperation you get to know all potential risks and conditions of their influence reduction. Almost in all cases, there is a risk of program or visa refusal, yet with our professional approach and more than 10-year experience it is possible to minimize and eliminate them. It is better for you to know today about these risks and to choose the most suitable pathway to study abroad.

Palleonn Center never starts servicing you in education abroad without preliminary assessment of chances during initial period and without internal tests of your foreign language skills. This is because you do not need refusal and we do not need unsatisfied clients. As was mentioned above, we respect our clients and we want you to be satisfied.

We never give unrealistic promises, as many other companies do. Our strongest weapon is our skilled staff that operates in legal framework and creates conditions for your entering institutions, going through medical examination and receiving visa in legitimate way, without any reputational risks for you and us.

With us you always have a choice – to reformulate yourself to fit the chosen institution or, vice-versa, to reformulate chosen university to fit you. Almost all companies offering education abroad support services do not give such opportunity to you. 97% of companies are working on the basis of a partnership agreement with a limited list of institutions, which they receive a commission for attracting foreign students from. The conclusion is obvious: you are offered those educational institutions where the commission for such companies is the highest, but not those universities that meet your needs, interests and financial possibilities.

высшее образование за рубежом

Palleonn is not working with any educational establishment on partnership agreements. We always choose the university individually for you, basing on your personal interests. Selecting educational institutions we first of all take into account the following principles:

  • Security – city, country, university, faculty, hostel, and infrastructure – our job is to make your studying as safe as possible.
  • Educational budget – it needs to be acceptable exactly for you and we choose the most appropriate educational institution according to your wishes.
  • The list of subjects – it is important to analyze each program and offered disciplines.  Often it happens that programs have same names and costs of education, but their content is all the way different.
  • The prospect of receiving a student visa under the selected university. We are guided by the 10-year statistics and monitor the rate of universities with successful visa processing. This lets us eliminate risk of selecting the university with low rating.
  • The prospect of employment and immigration upon graduation. As a rule, no one plans to come back to home country after graduation. In such case, our task is to assist you in selection of educational program, its content, duration and quality, which can give an opportunity to find a decent job abroad and result into permanent resident status in selected country.

It is nonsense that language training for entering the university can take several years. But  a number of companies in the field of study abroad still say so.

Even if you have very limited language skills:

  • preparation for passing a language exam may take maximum of 3 to 9 months, if the training program is individual and is directed towards mastering particular exam skills, while general language courses will take not less than 5 years with no exam skills mastering results so far.

  • you can take language training in the selected institution abroad for 3-4 months before education program starts.


Speaking about practice, most people who choose education abroad speak foreign language at such level that training for the selected language exam takes no more than 3 months.

Conclusion: we do not believe that others are worse. We know that we are better and we can prove it.

Our specialists assist you to understand all nuances of your study abroad and put everything in place, provide required advice, prepare a language training program and preparation for entrance exams, control all steps of the entry from preparation to the exam to applying for a student visa.

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